How To Look Cute On The Sidelines

How To Look Cute On The Sidelines

Are you just trying to survive your kids fall sports schedule?  Arriving for that 8am soccer game doesn't give you a lot of time to get ready.  But, what if you could get ready, be on time AND feel good?  And to the contrary, feeling good doesn't mean that you have to be uncomfortable.  

What is every mom's favorite clothing item?  Yes, leggings!  You got it!  You probably think that when you are wearing leggings that you have missed the mark again on a stylish look.  Sometimes, we do need to toss those leggings aside and try something else.   But let's get real.  We are busy mom's and we need an easy and comfortable style.  Let's look at our leggings in a different way and use them to our advantage.  Let's figure out how to dress them up!  But first, here are a few important things to know about leggings:


Wear leggings that fit you properly. If you want your leggings to look dressy, be sure to choose leggings that aren’t too tight or too loose. You should be able to move around comfortably without your leggings riding up or falling down.

  • Because of the design of leggings, they often run small. It is not a bad idea to opt for the next size up to ensure you are getting a proper fit.

Choose solid leggings in neutral colors. Choosing leggings that are opaque or a darker color gives you a dressier look that you can wear anywhere. Avoid wearing white leggings or leggings with wild prints, as these tend to look more casual.

  • Choose black, navy blue, or brown leggings for a look you can wear anywhere.

Avoid leggings that are see-through. If you are going for a dressier look, don’t wear leggings that show parts of you that you wouldn’t want to be seen in public. Make sure to check for thinner areas before going out, as the material used for leggings is often see-through.

  • Leggings that are made from a polyester blend, wool, or a cotton blend will give you the best protection when it comes to keeping your undergarments concealed.
  • Just because your leggings are a dark color doesn’t mean they aren’t see-through.
  • You can check the thickness of your leggings by holding them up to the light or putting them on and looking in the mirror while you perform various movements.

Choose longer leggings for a classy look. Cropped leggings or leggings that cut off at the ankle can look too casual or athletic. If you are trying for a classier look, opt for leggings that hit at or below the ankle. These are perfect for sporting ballet flats, heels, and boots.

 Now that you have picked out your leggings, let's style them!  I like to suggest longer tops and sweaters.  Most feel more comfortable covering the rear area and having longer styles doesn't mean more frumpy.  You just have to pick the right style, right size and the right way to wear it!

You may like to add a black camisole, warm long cardigan and some boots.  For even more casual, wear all-weather leather/rubber boot.  You never know what the fields will be like at the game!

A dress can also be the perfect top to wear with leggings especially if it is short enough like the Amber Flowy Dress. There is no better accessory than a hat when you are out on the sunny field.  It makes you look super cute too!  The shorter bootie is great when you have a longer style on with your leggings.

This look is total comfort and so practical for those chilly mornings.  The Kylie Fleece Pullover paired with leggings and tall socks with hiking boots is exactly what I would want to wear every day!  And this R.Riveter Tote completes this practical style, so you can carry all of those soccer mom items for those long games;)

And finally, here is a Cotton and Grain best selling cardigan!  It totally jazzes up the black leggings.

And do not forget your accessories!  They can make or break an outfit;). Adding a scarf can do SO MUCH to an outfit too.

Let's summarize.  Just because you are wearing leggings again for the fifth day in a row, doesn't mean that you can't look cute and feel amazing too. Leggings are practical and comfortable.  Comfort can be stylish too.  That is what Cotton and Grain is all about--comfort and style.  If you feel good about yourself, then you become more confident.  A confident woman is a happy woman.





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