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New Years Eve Ready?

Growing up, I would love to find the section of the magazine where you had to guess which outfit was the designer and which one was the affordable option.  I still enjoy that!  Now, I will bring this fun little game to my followers, but the affordable option will always be Cotton and Grain! Let's get started!  As we prepare for the holidays, you have probably already searched online for that perfect little dress to knock their socks off.  It can be a daunting task.  I will make it simple and make you feel good about your purchase with a very affordable option.   Here is a Cotton and Grain showstopper, the Rose Gold Paris Romance sequin dress.  Available in...

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Are you still looking for that perfect holiday gift?  Well, you’re not alone. Truth is, we tend to push things off too, so that makes us experts here at Cotton and Grain! Here are a few last minute Christmas gifts that are sure to impress.     1. Gift Box   These are our absolute favorites! Gift boxes are perfect because you can take a few cool items and group them together in a box that can also be repurposed later. This is perfect for someone who might be harder to shop for, or for someone whose clothing styles & sizes you’re not really sure of.   So, here’s the trick to a great gift box: Grab a few items (candles,...

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How To Look Cute On The Sidelines

Are you just trying to survive your kids fall sports schedule?  Arriving for that 8am soccer game doesn't give you a lot of time to get ready.  But, what if you could get ready, be on time AND feel good?  And to the contrary, feeling good doesn't mean that you have to be uncomfortable.   What is every mom's favorite clothing item?  Yes, leggings!  You got it!  You probably think that when you are wearing leggings that you have missed the mark again on a stylish look.  Sometimes, we do need to toss those leggings aside and try something else.   But let's get real.  We are busy mom's and we need an easy and comfortable style.  Let's look at...

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10K Instagram Followers

Celebrating 10K Instagram followers Reaching 10k Instagram followers was just a dream for us, but you made it a reality.  It has been quite an adventurous journey and we sincerely thank you for being with us up to this far. This makes everything special and we are delighted to share these amazing moments with you. We are glad that you have found something special in Cotton and Grain. That is how we like our followers to see us. We want to offer unmatched products that will meet the different tastes and needs everyone. So far, we have made tremendous progress and that is why we have managed to get thousands of followers within a short time. Interacting with all of...

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