Adding Color To Your Wardrobe

Adding Color To Your Wardrobe

We all know that bright and vibrant colors can be a little intimidating to introduce to your wardrobe. But, we also know just how showstopping a little pop of color can be. So, what’s the best way to go about introducing color into your style without looking like a 5-year old’s coloring book? 

We have a few tips, tricks, and awesome products that can help you add some color to your wardrobe in a way that will look great every time! This topic is more important than ever because the coming spring/summer season is all about bright reds, tangy oranges, and cool comforting blues. 

One trick to wearing color the right way is to pair a bright piece with neutral tones.

Here we have paired our Raegan Corduroy Skirt with a denim shirt, nude hat, and boots. This is great for a color exploring beginner because we’re introducing one item of color that is softened by some subtle nude tones.

Next, we have a casual option that is perfect for work, and drinks after work!

We’ve paired our Wild and Pretty Top with some dark grey jeans. We absolutely love the versatility of this outfit, and it fits right into this season’s hot colors. We promise this will be your go-to shirt of the season!

This next piece can also be dressed up or down and has just the right amount of color to catch the eye.

We have our You Got Me Color Block Sweater paired with some distressed black jeans. This sweater could also be dressed up with some paper bag pants and statement jewelry pieces. And, it’s just the right amount of color! 


Our last option is for a night out on the town! Perfect for taking a leap and wearing a bright bold skirt.

This is our Wine and Dine Midi Skirt, and it definitely lives up to its name. If you go out in this skirt, be prepared to turn some heads. Paired with a plain black tank, this classic look is a great way to add a bold color without going overboard. 


There you have it! A few options to get you started on the new you. You know what they say… new year, new you. Okay, okay, we hate that saying as much as you do, but here it works! Make sure to take a look at our other pieces, and don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. We know you’re going to look great!


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