Welcome to Cotton and Grain, an exclusive online boutique for the stylish on-the-go mom. 

As a military wife and mom for almost 20 years, I get how important it is for a space to feel like home, no matter where you are in the world. With three kids and a husband, I also know how busy life can be, and that’s why I’ve created an all-in-one online shopping experience to save you time and money so you can spend where it matters most: being the best mom you can be and creating a meaningful home where you can nurture your family.

Traveling from place to place is an adventure, and my family wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s helped us grow stronger as we’ve overcome challenges along the way, count our blessings, become closer to God, and create loving shelters for our family wherever we find ourselves. I know the longing for the safe, comfortable space that enfolds us completely, where we can settle in, be ourselves, and just love one another. Making a fun, authentic home enables us to do just that.

As moms, we have the most important job in the world, and we want to look and feel like the mom bosses that we are. Feeling great and looking great makes us better, happier moms, and we all know happy moms make the happiest families.

That’s where Cotton and Grain comes in. I’ve done the legwork to make it easy for you, bringing modern, classic style to moms who need it most. So what’s next for you? Jump in and take a look at Cotton and Grain’s gorgeous hand-picked fashion, one-of-a-kind jewelry, darling children’s clothing, and vintage-inspired home décor.

Cotton and Grain is all about fresh, contemporary style: trendy but classic, modern and eclectic, sophisticated yet practical. Moms make life happen, and moms know that home is the most important place on earth. Cotton and Grain makes it easy for you to be your best, most beautiful self, and live your best, most beautiful life, just as God intended, no matter where you are.