Collection: Designer Dress Series

This Series was a year in the making.  A dream that became reality.  Visions of jaw dropping dresses that needed to come to life.  This wouldn't be possible without the collaboration with Andrea Jones who is a local sewing artist or "sewist", in modern day terms. 

When developing this project, my focus for the first designer dress was for it to be a showstopper and to be used in a variety of ways representing a nostalgic moment in time. The beauty of a styled photoshoots representing romance. 

You can also feel the romance of our second designer dress. Having been a photographer for many years, I find inspiration in dreamy photoshoots with flowy dresses that photograph so well.  When designing this dress, it had to have that in mind.

There is only one of each dress in the Designer Dress Series and every design will be made in a different size than the previous dress.

***We would love to photograph the lovely lady that purchases this dress! So, if this is something that excites you, then expect to feel like a super model in a mini shoot of  showcasing you and your new dress.