Are you still looking for that perfect holiday gift? 

Well, you’re not alone. Truth is, we tend to push things off too, so that makes us experts here at Cotton and Grain! Here are a few last minute Christmas gifts that are sure to impress.  


1. Gift Box


These are our absolute favorites! Gift boxes are perfect because you can take a few cool items and group them together in a box that can also be repurposed later. This is perfect for someone who might be harder to shop for, or for someone whose clothing styles & sizes you’re not really sure of. 

 So, here’s the trick to a great gift box:

Grab a few items (candles, jewelry, keychains, candies or any small item with a little flair), and place them in a decorative box. It adds a nice touch when the box has a common theme or color. Then, all you have to do is add some decorations and a bow and you have yourself a wonderful last minute gift that will impress anyone! Check out our website for some more box ideas! 


 2. A Gift with Meaning

This is another great idea because a gift with meaning behind it is like 2 gifts in one. Whether the gift is linked to a charity, or the company stands for something truly special, these are both wonderful reasons to give a gift. Our suggestions is an R. Riveter bag. R. Riveter began as an entrepreneurial dream and outlet for improving employment, and quickly grew into much more than just selling a few handbags. Over the years, the mission has remained the same. "R.Riveter doesn't hire military spouses to make handbags. We make handbags to hire military spouses, and create a greater sense of mission”


3. A Gift Card

Now you may think this isn’t a thoughtful gift, but we disagree! A lot of people appreciate being able to choose their own gift. The trick to this is to choose a place they like, or have mentioned they’ve been wanting to go. It shows that you are a friend who listens and cares, even if you couldn’t figure out the perfect gift. After all, it’s the thought that counts!


And there you have it! A few last minute ideas we are sure your friends and family will love. If you ever need style or gift inspiration make sure to check out our website at shopcottonandgrain.com. 

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