One Sweater. Many Ways To Wear It.

Make use of one new item like this cropped and loose fitting sweater and create a whole wardrobe!  It isn't as hard as you think, but sometimes a little inspiration is what you need!  Adding pops of color like the mustard flats above can take an outfit to a whole other level.  And, don't forget the earrings!


This works well together, because the top  has the same green color as the sweater.  The contrast between the green sweater, the lighter top and the darker skirt also brings it together.  And finally, the contrast in the patterns between the florals, textured knit and denim material are what you are looking for in a flattering and styled outfit.




Here's another example of pulling that green color out of a maxi dress and voila!  You have another outfit!
Mix it up with a pair of white high waisted denim shorts and a tank top. The tank top will peak through with this loose off the shoulder sweater.
Wearing your favorite camisole or bralette gives this a fun and flirty style.
Pair this with jeans.  If needed, take sweater off and tie around your waist.  And as always, do not forget the earrings!
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