One Year Anniversary!

One Year Anniversary of Online Clothing Boutique

One Year Anniversary Celebration of Cotton and Grain's Online Boutique

We are always excited to see our clients happy with the services and products they receive from us. As we reflect on our past achievements, we feel proud being part of your life and most importantly helping to meet your needs in a special way. This is just the beginning of a long journey of ensuring 100 percent customer satisfaction and offering quality products.

Since we launched Cotton and Grain's online boutique one year ago, we have had the best experience ever. Our expectations have been surpassed. Interacting with you on Instagram has always helped us to improve our products. We have gotten hundreds of new customers who have played a significant role in helping our company to grow.

We cannot talk about our 2018 success without thanking our more than 9,000 Instagram followers of @shopcottonandgrain. We always appreciate your messages. We first dreamt of the number, but you made it a reality. Your recommendations, congratulatory messages, questions, and referrals on Instagram mean a lot to us. We can’t wait for new experiences this year. Always feel free to talk to us. Ask questions or let us know where you want us to improve. Our aim is to always do better each day.

Now that Cotton and Grain is celebrating its first anniversary, we would like to do so by engaging our highly valued customers. We have a week-long celebration where we shall offer you numerous special deals and giveaways. All you have to do is to keep in touch with our online platforms. Check out our Instagram for deals and you will most likely grab something special. Take advantage of the opportunity and get free products. Also stay alert for products sold at a lower price.

As we enjoy our one year anniversary celebrations, we would like to inform you that this New Year will even better than last year. It is always a pleasure being part of your life.


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