The Designer Dress Series: Unveiling Our Fourth Collaboration

What is the Designer Dress Series?

A collaboration between two women with a passion for design and creation inspired by women within their community.

During the design process of our third dress, the series transformed into designing a beautiful dress for someone special.  Every dress has a story, as well as the woman behind it.

Today, we unveil the fourth dress in The Designer Dress Series.  Imagine a woman facing adversities head-on, exuding confidence and resilience.  A feminine dress tailored for empowerment. 

Introducing the woman who inspired our latest creation.  Alex Frew of The Co. and HER STORY...

I am profoundly honored to be the heart behind the fourth designer dress series by the masterminds Kim Lyons at Cotton & Grain Boutique and Andrea Jones of Andrea Marie Tailoring. This series celebrates the unique stories each woman carries, and I am grateful to share mine through this exquisite dress. Designed to embody resilience, femininity, grit, and the grace that comes from honoring our journeys, this dress represents more than just fabric and thread—it symbolizes the strength and beauty that can arise from our most challenging experiences.
As women, far too many of us find ourselves among the staggering statistic of 1 in 6 who endure traumatic violations. We silently shoulder burdens, navigating a system that often blames the victim, leaving us to suffer alone. Yet, amidst this adversity, I firmly believe that we possess the power to transmute our pain into a source of strength—a force that propels us to lift others and ourselves, rather than allowing it to hold sway over our lives.
My journey has been marked by the duality of profound challenges and transformative healing. From enduring multiple unwanted advances to facing the resurgence of trauma during pregnancy, I've navigated moments that tested my resilience and shattered my sense of safety. It wasn't until a dear friend introduced me to somatic practices with Caitlin Briggs, that I began to release the deep-seated trauma stored within my body, finding liberation without having to recount or relive painful memories. By seeking help through therapy, somatic practices, and connecting with my community, I embarked on a journey of reclaiming my sovereignty and returning home to myself.
The CoVive was born out of that brutiful (brutal and beautiful) journey, recognizing the power of community and connection. Through collaborative gatherings and friendships forged since its inception, I've been reminded of the power of sharing our stories—the power to heal, inspire, and empower. This is where a passion project my husband and I have held in our hearts for some time enters the conversation. "Before We Forget" will be a coffee table book that aims to compile a collection of stories from individuals around the world. These stories, divided into chapters such as childhood, relationships, overcoming challenges, and more, will serve as a testament to the resilience of the human spirit. I would be honored if you would collaborate with us, share your story, and be part of this collective journey of strength and empowerment. Together, we can spread hope and inspiration, reminding ourselves and future generations of the beauty that emerges from our shared experiences and the challenges we overcome.
If you’re interested in sharing your story or learning more about this project, please send an email to Alex at For upcoming gatherings and special announcements, follow along on Instagram @thecovive or visit
If you or someone you know has been affected by domestic violence, sexual assault or human trafficking in Moore County and surrounding areas, Friend to Friend is an invaluable resource for those in search of advocacy and shelter. 24/7 Crisis Line: (910) 947-3333 
For national resources: - 1-844-443-5732 

The Dress Details...

The intricate floral patterns delicately woven into the fabric create a sense of femininity and grace. The crisp contrast of the soft white floral jacquard fabric against the denim adds a touch of modernity and edge to the overall design. The long, lean A-line silhouette of the dress elongates the body, enhancing her posture and confidence.

As a woman dons this dress, she embodies empowerment and determination. The combination of softness and strength in the design mirrors her inner resilience and ability to overcome any obstacles in her path. With each step she takes, she exudes confidence and grace, ready to conquer whatever challenges come her way.

This one-of-a-kind, handmade dress is now available to purchase.  Alex's sizing ranges from 00-4, so trying on the dress is the best way to see if it is your perfect dress.  $195


We sincerely thank Alex for sharing her story with us.  We know that your purpose in life is to share and we cannot wait for your coffee table book to come to fruition!


Kim and Andrea

Details about this photoshoot and its high fashion Vogue and Vanity Fair vibes:

Designers/Collaborators: Andrea Jones and Kim Lyons

Tailor: Andrea Marie Tailoring

Photographer: Kim Lyons of Cotton and Grain Boutique & DRESSED Rentals

The woman and behind the dress: Alex Frew of The Co.

Jewelry (bracelets):  Taylor Lawrence 

Jewelry (earrings): Marie Marcele Boutique

Flowers: Thistle & Moon

Handbag: R.Riveter

Stay tuned for the next Designer Dress and another new twist!


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