What the heck is Cotton and Grain?!

What the heck is Cotton and Grain?!

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Long are the days where you felt a connection of being part of something bigger when you bought clothes. Well, not anymore.  With Cotton and Grain (www.shopcottonandgrain.com) you can be sure to be part of something bigger than just buying things from an oversized warehouse. Instead, I hope that you will find it refreshing to see an online boutique created by someone who has given their absolute all in perfecting it. This online boutique saves time for those that don’thave the time to shop around for that perfect stylish outfit. Become a style influencer without all the work that goes into going from store to store by ordering fabulous pieces from Cotton and Grain.

Cotton and Grain was established in November 2017 with a strong passion to present quality clothing for its customers.  With Cotton and Grain you are supporting someone that supports you right back.  As a mother of three and a military wife of 20 years, my focus, as other mothers can relate to, are my kids and husband.  I want to make sure they are happy and healthy. Having moved around and uprooting our children many times, I have learned what it means to make everything in your life special and a blessing that only the solace of God can give during hard and difficult times. Having endured challenging times, I understand that making time for you comes second while making sure the home is fun and a meaningful place for the family. A place of nurturing for loved ones.

Moms, as I see it, have an integral role in life and in families. They are the mom bosses of families. As mothers, we often forget about ourselves, which is why I decided to create an online site for all of us special mothers. I put my heart and soul in handpicking each product that we sell by travelling to Apparel Markets and searching thousands of products in person and online.  Cotton and Grain does all the leg work for you, so you don’t have to, leaving you with more time doing the things you would much rather do.

Cotton and Grain is a one-stop shop where you can find outfit ideas already designed for you. Pick and choose everything from the comfort of your home on a computer. No need to find parking, you can shop the ideas provided for you and have it delivered straight to your door and into your closet. Knowing that a mom just like you is going through the same things, I understand styles that best fit your life.

Cotton and Grain provides contemporary styles that ensure you look fresh and put together. Some stores assume that mothers all wear mom jeans (which fortunately is actually a cool trend these days), with no style whatsoever. Here, Cotton and Grain showcases trendy, yet classic fits, modern-day power-women outfits that can be eclectic and having sophistication written all over while being practical, comfy and sensible. Cotton and grain is the jackpot!

Cotton and grain is not just for mothers. It’s for women who want to put together a fashionable outfit with little to no time having to hunt everything down.  Cotton and grain has built the outfits for you so you can just browse, click and buy!  

With the fall season at our feet, the new fall arrivals section contains all the outfits you need for every event you can think of.  A light pink and charcoal grey cowl neck sweater is the perfect sweater (with pull down strings to tighten the neckline) to go shopping in, a walk in the park with your kids and an item that requires no effort to put on. Just throw on with some jeans and you’re all set looking everything but dull. An outfit that is incredibly put-together and practical, and easy to care for. 

Create an outfit of the day with the black and white checkered sunny day shirt, that shouldn’t be mistaken for just sunny summer days.  Checkered print with a jean A-line skirt is an outfit that Cotton and Grain knows is an outfit-of-the-day-worthy look. Go grocery shopping in this outfit, pick up the kids from school, and drop the pet off at the vet; wherever you need to go, this outfit from Cotton and Grain reassures that your look is modern and sensible for your everyday errands.

The best combination during the fall season is the dreary weather paired with the comfiest cotton sweater.  The “Olive” You sweater from Cotton and Grain is the essential wardrobe item you absolutely need.  Pair this olive colored sweater (with two-front pockets!) with leggings and knee high flat boots and you’ll look like the mom boss you deserve to be recognized as.  The loose fit is all about comfort as you do your everyday activities, but stylish enough to avoid looking drab.

A stellar outfit idea is any dress outfit.  There’s the Maeve Woven dress, the Essential Olive dress (which really is an essential in anyone’s wardrobe), the Cecilia Striped dress and the outstanding and fashion-forward checkered blue and white Darling Alexa dress.  Pair any with black stockings during the fall and winter season, and top each off with an up-to-the-knee winter boots and look spectacular.

You can create all sorts of looks using items from Cotton and Grain. Craft and post look books wearing each outfit to inspire other women and mothers. Be stylish, without the dreaded work of having to look for that intricate piece that is both fashionable and practical for everyday wear.  Style with passion without losing the special time you have with your family. Cotton and Grain definitely understands the importance of family quality time as well as quality clothing. Now get shopping!

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