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The R.Riveter Story

Years ago, new military spouses Lisa Bradley and Cameron Cruse found themselves asking the question: why is it so difficult to find meaningful employment?  Both were highly educated, creative, and determined. Yet neither was able to find work. Military families move on average, every 2.9 years - and oftentimes, they relocate to remote military bases where there are fewer professional opportunities for spouses.

"We were starting to see that if we wanted a career in this transient military life, we'd have to create it for ourselves. Not only did we need flexible income, but we needed mobile income to travel along with us as we relocate with our military members. And that's when R.Riveter was born."

What began as an entrepreneurial dream and an outlet for improving their employment situation quickly grew into much more than just selling a few handbags. Although the company has grown from its humble beginnings in an attic, the mission has remained the same.                   "R.Riveter doesn't hire military spouses to make handbags. We make handbags to hire military spouses, and create a greater sense of mission"