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Designer Dress #3 - The Pink Dress - Rental or Purchase

Designer Dress #3 - The Pink Dress - Rental or Purchase

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This Designer Dress is now available as a rental for $125 OR to purchase for $220.
This third dress in the Designer Dress Series, The Pink Dress, has become much more than just a pretty dress. It’s a dress with a story. One that brought the community together in an event at The Village Pine Venue leading up to Breast Cancer Awareness month as we heard the story of Lorelei’s Colbert, a breast cancer survivor.   It was an evening of community and togetherness which has the power to heal and provide hope.

Working with Andrea during the design of the dress and watching her bring it to life was truly a dream come true. Not just because it is stunning, but because it allowed me to realize that the Designer Dress Series has now evolved into something more than just a pretty dress. I realized that every dress has a story and so does the woman behind it. So, this dress was specially made just for Lorelei and her story.
The Pink Dress has a mission to be shared and its story to be told.  

Every dress has a story…
….and so does the woman behind it.
What is the Designer Dress Series? A collaborative effort by two women, Kim Lyons and Andrea Jones, who share the same creative passion for fashion and design. A dress with a purpose. To be seen. To be shared. Handmade with love. And truly, one of a kind. I created the Designer Dress Series to fulfill a life long passion for fashion and pretty things especially dresses. It was always my goal to design and use fabrics that feel romantic and classy, with a touch of vintage style. When the incredibly talented sewist , @andrea_djones, agreed to collaborate with me on this project, I was thrilled. It wouldn’t be possible without her creativity and tremendous skills. 

purchase the dress or here are details on renting…

*Price is for a one time rental which includes a pick up day, two rental days and a return day for a total of a four day rental.  A deposit will be collected time of pick up. Price includes cleaning fee.  You are not responsible for cleaning unless there is significant wear.

Dress rentals are for those that can pick up and return at our Southern Pines, NC studio.  There is no shipping at this time.

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